Create Your Own Meditation Practice

There are 112 ways of meditating.

There is no one-size fits all when it comes to forming a meditation practice. The complete system of yoga considers the different temperaments, abilities, and natural inclinations of an individual, therefore offering a variety of methods for everybody. Anyone can design a meditation practice that works for them and can easily be maintained.

Changes Our Brains
A regular meditation practice changes our brain structure. 15 minutes a day for 6 months creates new cellular pathways in the brain. Our entire personality & attitude can shift within months.
Beyond Self-Care
Meditation goes beyond anything we temporarily do for ourselves. A daily practice helps us develop healthy habits & the tools to cope with the ups and downs of life. Our everyday challenges won't disappear, but the way we manage them can change drastically.
Increases Self-Awareness
Through a daily practice of going inward, we come to know ourselves on the most basic level. Meditation helps us clear any blockages preventing us from moving forward.
Expands Perspective
Meditation gives us a broader perspective beyond our own needs. A regular practice helps us to see things clearly, without judgment. Naturally, we start to build compassion and empathy for ourselves and others.

You are more likely to stick with a meditation practice if you make it part of a bigger ritual combining other elements that help you turn inward + feel calmer.

"It has been very special to have private sessions with Rucha. Learning about the philosophy and practice of meditation helped me calm my overactive mind, slow down, and simply be with myself. As a result, I’m more resilient to stress and more present and available to my loved ones. Rucha took time to learn about my intentions, prepared materials for each session tailored to my interests, and inspired me to make the meditation practice my own. She is a generous, kind, and caring teacher, and I highly recommend her!" – C.

Many people never realize the full potential of their meditation practice because they become easily discouraged and give up. Instead, the path to lasting peace and happiness takes time and must be approached with patience and perseverance.

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