Shanti Path shares ways to create daily spirituality. 

Through the practices of meditation and yoga, Shanti Path’s founder Rucha Tadwalkar, has changed her life to create sustained happiness. She has transformed her daily routine, habits, and mindset, so that they aid her in becoming her highest-self, instead of serving as stumbling blocks to a greater path. Through this experience, she has found certain tools, principles, and practices that help one transcend the natural challenges the mind can present in trying to create longterm inner joy and wisdom.

Everything begins in the mind. First it must be cleared of anger, jealousy, resentment, and any other ill-feelings it may be holding on to, in order to move into higher states of awareness. Shanti Path begins this process by applying real-life experience and ancient practices, proven time and time again to alleviate human suffering and bring real happiness, to our modern-day.

Real inner peace, unbreakable by any situation or person, can only come from creating a daily spiritual practice.

Shanti Path envisions each one of us creating happy and fulfilled lives, able to peacefully manage and navigate any of life’s circumstances. Towards this goal, each Shanti Path workshop and private session has been developed out of the following core values:

  • Healing– creating new paths for ourselves requires deep reflection and insight, including being gentle with ourselves in unblocking any barriers to our progress.
  • Patience– for where each one of us is at in our journey towards personal development.
  • Respect– for our individual efforts to progress towards spiritual alignment and ultimate happiness.
  • Peace– committing to creating peace within ourselves, so we can generate that peace outwards to our families, communities, and the world.
  • Liberation– maintaining tranquilty in all life situations, instead of being confined to and living in our fears, doubts, worries, and anxieties.
  • Compassion– being open to inner guidance and practicing kindness towards ourselves and others.

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Rucha Tadwalkar