15 Signs You Need A Spiritual Practice

In working individually with clients to help them find a spiritual practice, I begin by exploring the deeper reasons for wanting to create a practice in the first place. Often times, people are already incorporating self-care rituals and personal time into their lives without realizing it. Having a greater understanding of what is leading us […]

Transform Your Home Into A Permanent Retreat

When you transform your home into a permanent retreat, then you don’t have to wait for the day you can take a vacation to find relaxation and calmness. This escape only serves for so long before you feel the responsibilities of everyday life setting in again. Feelings of overwhelm and imbalance begin to take over once more. […]

7 Signs You Are Becoming A Spiritual Person

Whether we call it a spiritual awakening, realizing the truth, or living in a higher consciousness, the manifestations of our inner work come to one recognition- our lives hold a deeper meaning and purpose beyond our average comprehension. 10 Signs You Are Spiritually Progressing When I began meditating on a daily basis and prioritizing my […]