Creating Sacred Space

When you transform your entire home into a sacred space, you do not have to rely on leaving it to find peace of mind. Waiting for the day you can take a vacation or when you can visit that garden/temple/park to find relaxation and calmness doesn’t allow you the freedom to live each day in the […]

4 Daily Spiritual Essentials

In order to see real positive change and progress in our lives, we have to find ways of infusing spirituality into our every day existence. When we can build spirituality into our current schedules and routines, it becomes easier to maintain. The following 4 daily spiritual essentials have been a tremendous part of my own […]

10 Ways To Be Happy Every Day

Lately, there have been certain days when I just feel happy. From the depths of my being, radiating from inside of me for no reason, happy. I mean, some days I want to shout from the rooftops that my heart is filled with gratitude and overflowing with love for this thing called life. Yes, these […]

30 Must-Have Self-Care Habits

Many times we don’t realize that something feels ‘off’ until it’s too late. Working long hours, lack of sleep, not taking a break, perpetually trying to find a work-life balance, can all make us feel out of control and exhausted. Instead, cultivating healthy habits can help us prevent the potential damage that stress and prolonged […]