How 2 Years of Daily Meditation Transformed My Life in 2016

On January 1st, 2017 I will have been meditating every single day for 2 years. It hasn’t always been easy, but through commitment and prioritization, I have been able to maintain my daily practice, even during times of travel, sickness, or exhaustion. Below are some of the ways I have noticed myself change in this past year. We all have different lessons we need to learn while we are here on this earth, but I hope this will inspire you to create your own dedicated practice and begin your own path to self-awareness.

Less attached. This is the most notable difference I have noticed within myself. What we perceive as negative and positive are all outcomes of the choices we make. No matter our backgrounds, age, characteristics, we are all bound to the same rules of human nature- that things will continually change. When we can shift our perspective to view each change in our lives as phases that are meant to happen to help us grow, we no longer attach expectations to them. Instead, we accept the reality of it. There is no reason then to desire an object, person, or situation because it has already served its purpose in our lives.

Growth & change happens faster. This past year I noticed the pace at which change and growth occurred for me increased from taking months to happening in weeks. My daily meditation practice helped me reduce the time from realizing something to putting it into action. For instance, knowing that a situation isn’t helping me improve and in fact holding me back, and then immediately finding ways to decrease its influence or changing it altogether. The ability to make swift change came from previously taking the time to know my values. If my life isn’t moving in a direction that aligns with my personal standards, then I change it to bring it back to equilibrium.

Got real with myself. You know all those things you tell yourself, like if I could wake up at 5AM I would exercise, meditate, write a chapter of my book, and be so productive, but really you would do maybe one of those things and that’s after waking up at 7AM instead? This past year I got real with myself. I got to know myself better, learned to accept who I am, and stopped setting unrealistic goals. If I wanted to change something about myself, I thought intentionally about where I am now and how I can work with my personality to create a shift. I will never be the person who can spontaneously take off and travel the world for 2 years straight; although I love the idea of it, but I am the person who can organize and create structured travel plans for a few months at a time.

The value of time. Do you know the most valuable asset we have that we give the least amount of importance to? Time. I had a personal breakthrough in 2016 when it came to how I was spending my time. Although I may have been productive in our modern day interpretation of the word, in that I wasn’t ‘wasting’ time, I also wasn’t being conscious of how I use my time. This means committing myself to an overhaul of how I structure each day and utilizing my time towards realizing my bigger purpose.       

Less emotional. A couple of weeks ago when I gave a speech at my brother’s wedding reception, I must have gotten a handful of people asking me if I am going to cry or if I cried while giving the speech. Anyone who knows me well knows I can easily cry about anything. This past year, I definitely felt more control over my feelings. This is after all one of the proven benefits of meditation, being able to have control over our emotions. When we control how we react to situations, we are able to maintain more balance of mind. In other words, not being an emotional mess equals more peace.

As you can see, this practice continues to change my life. I’ve found a spiritual practice that inspires me each and every day, helps me to stay calm and balanced, and allows me the space to reflect and care for myself. If you are ready to learn more about the benefits of meditation and create your own practice click on the following: I am ready for more peace in my life.

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