Why Having A Daily Spiritual Practice Is Important

Come January 1, 2017 I will have completed two years of a daily spiritual practice consisting of chanting, reading, and meditation. To say that my everyday ritual has changed me doesn’t begin to capture the full breadth of the ways my attitude, thinking, and behavior have transformed over the past couple of years. I am a much happier and balanced person because of it.

Those things we always wish we have time for, those memories and past experiences we want to work through, the things we know are important, yet find difficult to implement, they are all completely within our reach.

The power of the human mind and what it can accomplish will leave you astonished. We don’t use even half of our capacity. Every single one of us contains the ability to be happy and truly at peace.

Yet, this state of mind seems elusive and unattainable because we don’t devote the time each day for reflection, silence, and solitude. Without creating this space every day, we cannot know ourselves, our habits, challenges, patterns, and begin to slowly and progressively make positive changes.

Having a daily spiritual practice is also important because it:

1. Takes us inward. When we are able to separate ourselves from outside stimulation, we finally begin to realize our innermost thoughts. No longer distracted and influenced by what is happening around us, we can know exactly how we feel about certain situations, get to the root of our challenges, and realize our blockages to self-improvement and progress.

2. Goes beyond anything external we do for ourselves. A spiritual practice helps us to go deeper than any temporary way of soothing our minds can, such as getting massages or taking a vacation. It also helps us to go beyond self-care practices, which are vital to our well-being and should not be forgone, but are limited in their ability to create sustained peace of mind. Anything we do outside of ourselves helps us only so far as to cultivate the proper environment to prepare us to do the inner work. In order to create true happiness, we need to find better ways to cope with our everyday lives, so that when difficult circumstances inevitably arise we can handle them in a nurturing way.

3. Elevates our minds. Having a spiritual practice enables us to see ourselves outside of the everyday labels and boxes we judge our progress by, the majority of time determined by others. We are able to view the bigger picture, which then provides clarity, motivates us to set higher goals, and leads to positive change. It takes us to a different level of consciousness. We may not be familiar with or even realize it exists. Yet, once we discover this part of ourselves, one that has always existed, we want to delve further into knowing it.

We all have access to creating happier and healthier lives! Our hearts long for something different and more permanent, but maybe we don’t know just how to get started. If you are open to the idea of creating a spiritual practice that works for you, here are some other great posts I have written to inspire you. 3 Ways To Make Spirituality A Priority Every Day20 Ideas To Create A Spiritual Practice4 Daily Spiritual Essentials Your potential is waiting to be realized, so what are you waiting for?

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