How Meditating Every Single Day In 2015 Changed Me

For the past few years, although I had been able to maintain a regular meditation practice, it wasn’t a daily occurrence. So, when 2015 began I set one intention for myself- that I would not miss one day of meditation. As this year comes to a close, I am happy to share that I have been able to stick to my goal with a little less than 2 weeks to go.

I can honestly say that I have grown and evolved more in 2015, then I have in the past 5 years. Meditation has been the foundation for the changes that have taken place, not only in my mindset, attitude, and consciousness, but in the way I live my life.

When we can maintain the regularity of our practice and make it a part of our everyday routine, like brushing our teeth and showering, the changes that manifest are pretty incredible.

Below are some of the ways my meditation practice has changed me:

  1. Increased concentration during meditation.
  2. No longer letting my ego and emotions overtake my interactions with others and how I view situations. When they do, quickly reflecting and getting to the root of it.
  3. More selflessness and understanding in my personal relationships with family and friends.
  4. A strong desire and need to volunteer and do Seva (service) in the community.
  5. Increased effort in trying to treat everyone equally.
  6. Realizing we are all connected and part of the same universal spirit.
  7. More confidence in myself.
  8. A strong upsurge in creativity- writing, painting, sewing, and crafts.
  9. Doing the right thing for the sake of doing the right thing. Things like telling the cashier that he gave me too much change back or letting someone know that I am publicly sharing a photo they took.
  10. Telling the truth and being honest. Even the small white lies have diminished.
  11. Saying no to overcommitting and setting boundaries.
  12. Understanding and accepting impermanence.
  13. More detachment from materiality. Enjoying the things I have, but not being attached to them.
  14. Being forthright about my feelings and standing up for myself, while remaining sensitive to others’ needs.
  15. Responding, instead of reacting.
  16. Stronger faith in the unseen and the natural evolution of our lives. Everything DOES happen for a reason.
  17. More even-mindedness for longer periods of time.

The ways meditation will change you will be different for every person. The more consistent you are with your practice, the more benefits you will notice. By just observing your daily life, you will begin to see differences in your approach and how you handle certain situations.

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Although it wasn’t easy with the busy-ness of life, traveling, getting sick, and the unexpected daily challenges that arise, I was able to adapt my practice to the circumstances, instead of letting it go completely.

Here is currently what my daily practice looks like: When I first sit, I take 3 deep breaths, and bring my focus to my inhalation and exhalation. I go on to chant a few mantras in Sanskrit to get into a quiet space, recenter, and uplift my consciousness. I, then, begin my meditation, which lasts for about 30-45 minutes. I close my meditation with a prayer and expressing gratitude. I move on to read some spiritual literature or watch a video on YouTube. In all, my entire daily practice takes about 1 hour.

On those seldom days that are busy or I feel tired, I forego everything except the actual meditation. I shorten my practice to what I feel is do-able in that moment. This usually ranges between 5-15 minutes. Modifying your meditation practice instead of not doing it altogether will help you remain consistent. Related Post: A Beginner’s Guide To Meditation

Even if you sit for 1 minute, make that effort every day, so that it becomes easier to come back to the next day.

I have found that committing to a daily meditation practice requires a lifestyle change that requires the same effort you would take in accomplishing any other goal. Related Post: Why You Can’t Maintain A Meditation Practice Working towards restructuring your priorities, being intentional with managing your time, and cutting out unnecessary noise and distractions, are all part of the investment you make in finding peace.

If you would like to work together on creating a meditation practice that works for you, I work individually with clients to help them make positive changes in their lives that allow room for spirituality. It is well worth the time and effort. For more info. on private sessions click here: I want more peace in my life.