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It has been very special to have private sessions with Rucha. Learning about the philosophy and practice of meditation helped me calm my overactive mind, slow down, and simply be with myself. As a result, I’m more resilient to stress and more present and available to my loved ones. Rucha took time to learn about my intentions, prepared materials for each session tailored to my interests, and inspired me to make the meditation practice my own. She is a generous, kind, and caring teacher, and I highly recommend her! – C.



Rucha, thank you for showing me how to feel calmer by focusing on my breathing and practicing the yoga poses. I have become more aware about staying in the present moment and to not feel anxious about things. I like your advice on writing down my thoughts and routine activities so that I can stay focused on my prayers and breathing. -Emily



I met with Rucha in person for my introductory session to see if this would meet my needs.  I found the first session very helpful as I learned about the benefits of meditation, how to meditate, and went through a guided meditation.  I also appreciated how Rucha answered all my questions, including how to incorporate my own religious belief (Christianity) into these sessions. I continued the rest of the sessions via Skype.

I chose to spread the sessions out over 6 months. It worked out great as I could figure out how to implement what I learned into my personal space after each session.

During that time, Rucha was very understanding and accommodating to my busy schedule and we would schedule our session a month in advance.  I appreciated how she would check in to make sure the meeting time was still good.

We worked together on designing the sessions based on my personal needs and goals. Together, we tweaked the sessions according to where I am and where I hoped to be. You can create the program so it’s personal to you and decide what’s best for you.  I have learned a lot from breathing exercises, meditation, reflections, journaling, self-care, and how to prepare for the day so you can deal with daily stress in a healthy and positive way. I encourage you to take a chance and make a change toward peace with Rucha and Shanti Path. -Sally



“Since being introduced to the Shanti Path meditation starter kit in late December 2015, I had many prior excuses to not introduce the practice. I was distracted with many events/people going on with my life (e.g., family, relationships, career) that I waned on practicing self-care activities to soothe my soul. My hesitations/excuses to not practice was commitment and consistency. After making the commitment (i.e., New Year’s resolution), I have been able to practice daily and improve my core and overall physical health. Meditation has completely changed my LIFE and having a new overall perspective from within. I view things with positive energy filled with unbelievable possibilities that I was not aware of prior to meditation. Being able to look deeper from within has allowed me to grow both internally and externally. Thank you so much Rucha for this greatest gift that anyone can buy for themselves and others.” – Christine


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