3 Ways To Make Spirituality A Priority Every Day

Often times I find myself wondering how people have time to frequently post photos and updates on social media. These seem to be the same people who overcommit their schedules and don’t take time for solitude. I slowly realized that everyone has different priorities. When we give importance to our spiritual development instead, we gradually fill our time with purpose and meaning. We consciously engage in actions that help to uncover our true-selves and increase authentic happiness. This means living each day with intention. Below are three ways I have found to make spirituality a priority in my life. I hope they help you too!

1. Do less. 

Our natural tendency in this day and age seems to be packing in as much as we can into our daily schedules. Sometimes our obligations are unavoidable. However, what we choose to give our energy to throughout the day is a result of what we think is important. Take an honest look at your weekly/daily schedules. What items are you deciding to focus on? Why are you giving them importance? Who are you investing your time into? Try to get to the root of your actions. Next, look at your schedule and reflect on what is helping you grow and become a better person. Are you engaging in things that will help you progress? Then, choose 3 major action items to be completed in your day. Yes, only 3! Leave only the bare essentials and give your complete focus to those things. The less we have to do in the day, the more concentration and attention we can give to those things that fulfill us.


2. Simplify.

Time goes by and all of a sudden we have all this stuff. Where did it come from? This past year I have been continuously cleaning out my belongings, purging and donating. It is a frequent process that over time has become easier as I’ve gotten into the habit of clearing out the clutter. I begin wherever motivation strikes me. If I happen to be looking for something in a kitchen drawer and in my search I end up taking out half the items, instead of putting everything back, I take a few minutes to consciously examine each object. Do I really use it or not? Is this adding to my efficiency and overall happiness? The state of our environments affects the state of our minds. When we are no longer being held back by the mess in our spaces, we make room for peace and serenity in our lives. Keeping the areas we occupy on a daily basis minimal and tidy allows us to spend more time on our personal well-being and spiritual growth.


3. Have a routine schedule. 

Your spiritual practice should be done as often as you brush your teeth and shower. In other words, every day. The best way to begin a habit is by setting aside a few minutes each day to engage in it. The most ideal way to continue a habit is to have a regimented schedule that varies very little from day to day. If this sounds overwhelming, just begin with a regular morning routine. Every morning I pretty much do the same thing-wake up, pray, eat breakfast, exercise, shower, meditate, and read. Then I begin my day. Think about what your ideal daily schedule would like, then work backwards to realize it. Reflect on what you need to alter in your life to make this schedule a reality. This will not happen in a short amount of time. You may have to experiment to see what really works, talk to family about your needs, or slightly change your work schedule. Enjoy the process! Be enthusiastic about creating something for yourself.