30 Must-Have Self-Care Habits

Many times we don’t realize that something feels ‘off’ until it’s too late. Working long hours, lack of sleep, not taking a break, perpetually trying to find a work-life balance, can all make us feel out of control and exhausted. Instead, cultivating healthy habits can help us prevent the potential damage that stress and prolonged neglect to our mental, emotional, and physical health can cause in the long-term. Below are some habits you can incorporate into your routine that will have you on your way to creating a self-care practice that works for you.


1. Wake up early.

2. Schedule your day in advance, either in the morning or the night before.

3. Make your home a sanctuary. Create a space that is inviting after a long day at work and one where you want to spend time.

4. Eat fresh fruits and/or vegetables for at least one meal per day.

5. Spend time in nature, at a park, on the beach, in the woods, walking down the street, just get outside for a few minutes.

6. If you plan to do something during the day or week, stick with it. For example, don’t skip out on that yoga class or reschedule dinner with a friend.

7. Spend some time away from electronics, smart phone, computer, etc. during the day.

8. Learn to recognize when something becomes overwhelming for you. It’s okay to say no sometimes.

9. Do activities you find enjoyable, not out of obligation or trend.

10. Get organized.

11. Spend quality time with friends & family.

12. Have a spiritual practice, such as yoga, meditation, attending a religious service, or journaling.

13. Set some time aside for yourself in the day, even for a few minutes.

14. Travel, locally or globally, explore your town or another continent. Experience the world.

15. Fit exercise into your daily routine.

16. Give yourself time to think, about anything and everything.

17. Keep an attitude of gratitude.

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18. Find ways to give back in your own way, such as volunteering, spreading kindness at work, or helping a neighbor out.

19. Dance. No, really, move your body like no one is watching.

20. Give yourself a retreat. You don’t have to fly off to the Caribbean for relaxation. You can create your own personal retreat at home.

21. Learn something new. This could be anything from taking a class to reading an article.

22. Make your health & well-being a top priority.

23. Give people the benefit of the doubt. “Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.” -Dalai Lama

24. Have morning & evening rituals.

25. Carry a small item with you that will help you find comfort and make you feel grounded in any moment. Examples include a book, favorite quote, soothing smells (perfume, essential oil), or a photo.

26. Have a hobby or interest that you pursue regularly.

27. Have favorite movie(s), television show(s), & song(s) you can turn to when needing a little boost.

28. Laugh. Talk with a friend, watch a funny video clip, or read a humorous post. Don’t take yourself too seriously.

29. Indulge. Don’t deprive yourself of the things you love. Spending some money on a massage or eating a brownie every once in a while makes life worth living!

30. Get adequate sleep. Take a quick nap if you need to during the day.