7 Signs You Are Becoming A Spiritual Person

Whether we call it a spiritual awakening, realizing the truth, or living in a higher consciousness, the manifestations of our inner work come to one recognition- our lives hold a deeper meaning and purpose beyond our average comprehension. 10 Signs You Are Spiritually Progressing

When I began meditating on a daily basis and prioritizing my spiritual practice, I automatically started living differently. I was no longer interested in the same things as before I ventured on this path. I started looking at my friendships with more awareness. Moments of silence and solitude began taking precedence in my day. I wasn’t sad or depressed. For the first time, happiness was coming from inside of me, not dependent on any outside circumstances. I was living more intentionally, being more creative, and making time for what really mattered to me.

Below are some of the changes that I experienced and am currently experiencing. If you also feel these transformations taking place within you, know you are not alone. This is part of the process of discovering our inner light and universal truth.

1. You honor your spiritual growth. You may find yourself enjoying solitary activities more than socializing with others. Staying at home more than going out, reading, writing, and walking in nature, all hold more appeal. Spiritual and self-improvement books move to the top of the list over fiction. These are just some of the things that could start happening. Although everyone’s paths vary, it isn’t unusual to develop more introspective and reflective interests. This comes out of a conscious choice we make, rather than a temporary state of feeling alone or unhappy. We are laying the foundation for living the rest of our lives with more awareness. 4 Daily Spiritual Essentials

2. You remove distractions. When we start spiritually awakening, we realize that our time in these bodies and on this earth is limited. You want to make the best use of this gift you have been given. You naturally begin doing the inner work to let go of resentments and anger. You lessen or eliminate your time watching television and listening to music that leaves violent and negative impressions in the mind. You realize the ways you are wasting time because they are not adding to your inner growth and personal development. Instead, you replace them with actions that will culminate in lasting peace. You begin your journey towards engaging in purposeful work.

3. You minimize/eliminate material desires. You realize true happiness doesn’t come from what you own, but who you are as a person. As cliché as this sounds, it’s a realization you come to on your own, not because you heard it, read it, or saw several memes on the topic. 20 Ideas To Create A Spiritual Practice You naturally feel more selfless and detached from the material world. The appeal of the latest fads and newest gadgets lose importance. You understand that not everyone has yet come to share in your newfound insight, so you continue practicing non-judgment and understanding.

4. You start treating everyone equally. You grow sensitive to others’ energies around you, but are constantly working towards not being impacted by them. You understand that we are all here to work through our own life lessons (karma). Although you may choose to let go of certain relationships, you don’t harbor ill feelings towards anyone. Instead, you think about the greater good and how you can be of service to all of humanity. You acknowledge that in this life we all experience the same set of feelings and desires for ourselves, although we all handle what we are given differently. What you know in theory, you try very hard to practice in your thoughts and actions.

5. You have more evenness of mind. You find yourself having less and less mood swings and drastic changes in feelings. You have the ability to maintain an even temperament whether you are faced with positivity or negativity. I remember when I started noticing this within myself. I was around a couple of friends, who on two different occasions were very boisterous and excited. I felt overwhelmed by their energies. This was a very new and surprising reaction that I had never had before. When you find yourself being able to stay calm in situations that would have previously had you feeling anxious or impatient, then that’s an indication that your spiritual practice(s) are working.

6. You speak intentionally. Instead of saying something out of spite, you take a moment to reflect and realize your hurt has taken over your words. You don’t purposely go out of your way to say something solely to make someone feel bad. You also realize when you are saying something out of ego, as a way to impress or prove your self-worth. You try to speak the truth in every moment, while remaining compassionate and kind.

7. You do the right thing for the sake of doing the right thing. Whether you believe you will receive credit or anyone will notice is irrelevant to you. If you receive more change back or notice someone has dropped money, you return it because it’s the right thing to do. You begin living with more integrity and honesty as a natural progression of the inner work you are doing.