15 Signs You Need A Spiritual Practice

In working individually with clients to help them find a spiritual practice, I begin by exploring the deeper reasons for wanting to create a practice in the first place. Often times, people are already incorporating self-care rituals and personal time into their lives without realizing it. Having a greater understanding of what is leading us down this path can not only help further guide us, but also assist in creating a practice that fits our needs and circumstances. Below are some signs that you too could benefit from a spiritual practice of your own.

1. You sway from one emotion to the next.

2. You easily feel personally attacked and/or you get defensive quickly.

3. Your happiness depends on the approval of others.

4. You feel perpetually lost and unbalanced, something isn’t quite right.

5. Your stress-coping strategies are focused on external gratification.

6. Resentment, guilt, and regret are common themes in your life.

7. When something doesn’t go your way you see it as a failure, instead of a lesson.

8. You regularly let others’ energies affect you.

9. You easily get anxious.

10. You feel the need to compete with others instead of finding ways to uplift one another.

11. Any situation is a cause for regression and slipping back into old patterns.

12. Your feelings are often out of control.

13. Judgment and gossip help you feel better about yourself.

14. Self-interest is the principle factor in making decisions.

15. You often wait for ‘things to get better.’

After reading this list you may be thinking, who doesn’t experience at least some of these emotions and challenges? THAT’s the point! We can all use spirituality in our lives.

So, where do you start?

1. Give yourself time to think, reflect, and sit in silence. A Beginner’s Guide To Meditation

2. Work towards creating a daily ritual that works for you. 20 Ideas To Create A Spiritual Practice

3. Begin gradually and patiently, adding on more when it feels right.