15 Signs You Need A Spiritual Practice

In working individually with clients to help them find a spiritual practice, I begin by exploring the deeper reasons for wanting to create a practice in the first place. Often times, people are already incorporating self-care rituals and personal time into their lives without realizing it. Having a greater understanding of what is leading us […]

Why You’re Most Likely Not A Yogi

While growing up, I learned that a yogi was someone who completely dedicated themselves to living a spiritual life. A yogi renounced sensual pleasures, controlled their senses, and exhibited even-mindedness at all times. A yogi was someone who was revered for their ability to transcend ego-gratification and materialism. I was taught that yogis reached such […]

10 Signs You Are Spiritually Evolving

We just know when something has shifted within us. We feel different. A transformation has begun to take place, but we may be struggling to find the right words to describe what exactly is happening. When we put energy into our personal development, a path of deeper meaning and greater realization emerges. Perhaps what we […]