15 Signs You Need A Spiritual Practice

In working individually with clients to help them find a spiritual practice, I begin by exploring the deeper reasons for wanting to create a practice in the first place. Often times, people are already incorporating self-care rituals and personal time into their lives without realizing it. Having a greater understanding of what is leading us […]

7 Signs You Are Becoming A Spiritual Person

Whether we call it a spiritual awakening, realizing the truth, or living in a higher consciousness, the manifestations of our inner work come to one recognition- our lives hold a deeper meaning and purpose beyond our average comprehension. 10 Signs You Are Spiritually Progressing When I began meditating on a daily basis and prioritizing my […]

4 Daily Spiritual Essentials

In order to see real positive change and progress in our lives, we have to find ways of infusing spirituality into our every day existence. When we can build spirituality into our current schedules and routines, it becomes easier to maintain. The following 4 daily spiritual essentials have been a tremendous part of my own […]

10 Ways To Be Happy Every Day

Lately, there have been certain days when I just feel happy. From the depths of my being, radiating from inside of me for no reason, happy. I mean, some days I want to shout from the rooftops that my heart is filled with gratitude and overflowing with love for this thing called life. Yes, these […]

10 Signs You Are Spiritually Evolving

We just know when something has shifted within us. We feel different. A transformation has begun to take place, but we may be struggling to find the right words to describe what exactly is happening. When we put energy into our personal development, a path of deeper meaning and greater realization emerges. Perhaps what we […]