The One & Only Thing You Need For A Spiritual Practice

There are many people out there in the wellness, yoga, and health fields that will have you believing that you need the latest apps, exotic destination, and equipment (yoga shoes anyone?) to start a spiritual practice. Yes, these can help you begin and motivate you on your journey, but sustaining any practice comes from within. What keeps one person persevering and slowly progressing, while another gets bored and gives up?


Most of the time faith is unscientific, immeasurable, and experiential. If I tell you that my daily meditation practice has changed me in numerous ways and as a result I am a different person than I was one year ago, where is the proof? I cannot give you data, statistics, calculations, or hard numbers. You only have my story, my testimony, my observations to go on. Is that enough to help you get started on creating your own practice, to keep you moving forward?

In fact, all of what we know today about yoga was realized in deep meditation by yogis thousands of years ago. This knowledge itself was revealed from the spiritual practice of others.

It’s not easy to have complete confidence in something. Unfortunately, we are raised to doubt, question, and be skeptical of spirituality and religion. This is why you must try it for yourself and see. It is something that has to be experienced.

Once you start seeing for yourself how your attitude and behavior change, your faith also grows. Naturally, we begin making more time for it in our day. We want to learn more and find ways to incorporate it outside of the time we set have aside. We allow our practice to help us let go of anger, resentment, and worry. We become more confident, kind, and balanced.

Having a spiritual practice requires faith, in yourself, in the process, in the benefits.

Faith helps us resolve all of the excuses we tell ourselves as to why we cannot maintain a spiritual practice-time, money, other people.

How to develop faith?

We are all divine beings with potential to realize kindness and compassion within ourselves. Have faith that your spiritual practice will slowly lead you to expanded awareness and healthier ways of living.